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Nanatsugama]The Nanatsugama Caves are also designated as a national natural monument, and seven caves are lined up side by side. It is the largest cave with a frontage of 3m and a depth of 110m. You can take a leisurely tour of Nanatsugama on a sightseeing boat in a scenic spot. The top of the cave is a grassland with an observatory and a promenade.

Niji no Matsubara]Niji no Matsubara in Karatsu City is one of the three major Matsubara(Pine Tree Park) in Japan, along with Miho no Matsubara and Kehi no Matsubara. Niji no Matsubara (length: about 4.5km, width: about 0.5km) is a scenic spot with about 1 million black pine trees and is famous for its mysterious legend.

Ariake Sea]In the Ariake Sea, a vast tidal flat that occupies about 40% of the tidal flat area of the whole country appears at low tide.(Difference between tides 6m)A wide variety of creatures inhabit, including rare creatures that can only be seen in the Ariake Sea in Japan.

Takeo Onsen]The origin of Takeo Onsen (Spring Quality: simple alkaline hot spring, color / colorless and transparent, which is said to be effective in relieving fatigue) is about 1,300 years ago. Also known as "Tsukasaki Onsen". The red-painted gate is a symbol of Takeo Onsen. It is one of the recommended hot springs in Saga prefecture.

Ureshino Onsen]Ureshino Onsen, which is lined with traditional inns, has a long history and is a hot spring town that makes you feel the atmosphere. It is a hot spring with a reputation for being effective against skin diseases, rheumatism, neuralgia, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. The texture of the hot water is also smooth. Yudofu is also a special product of Ureshino Onsen.
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