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Okinawa Tourist Information[Emerald Beach/Yonaguni seabed ruins]
[Emerald Beach/Motobu-cho]Emerald Beach is a beautiful coral sand beach in Ocean Expo Park which is a popular tourist spot in Okinawa. The beach in the lagoons, the water quality is also good.

[Yonaguni seabed ruins]Yonaguni-jima Island of Okinawa Prefecture located in the westmost of Japan. A mysterious ruin was discovered on the seabed offshore just 100 meters from the cape of this island.

[Cape Maeda/Onna village]Cape Maeda (Maeda Misaki) is located in central Okinawa Honto and is popular spot for snorkeling and diving.

[Kumejima Sea Turtle Museum/Kumejima-cho]Sea turtle is in danger of extinction worldwide,The Kumejima Sea Turtle Museum is a facility intended to protect sea turtles. You can see a variety of sea turtles swimming freely in a large aquarium in close proximity.

[Busena Marine Park/Nago City]The Busena Marine Park is located in the submarine park area in Nago City's Busena Cape, where colorful tropical fish live.

[Okinawa Zoo and Museum/Okinawa City]In Okinawa Zoo and Museum, we can see various creatures that can only be seen because of Okinawa and about 200 kinds of domestic and foreign animals.

[Shuri Castle toe/Naha City]Shuri Castle is located in Naha, Okinawa Shuri is a castle that once was in the hills overlooking the Naha Port was a base for foreign trade.

[Kerama Islands]Known as "Kerama Blue", it is full of information on the sea of the diver's adventure, such as the sea around the Kerama Islands boasting one of the most beautiful in the world.

[Kouri Beach (Kouri-jima Island)/Nakijin-son]Kouri Beach is located on the entrance to Kouri Island, under the Kouri Ohashi Bridge. The sunset seen from the beach is very beautiful.
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