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Miyagi tourist information[Naruko Gorge/Mt. Kinka/Matsushima Bay]
Matsushima Bay】Matsushima Bay is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. The pleasure boat goes around slowly in about 50 minutes. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery while visiting the famous islands in the bay.

Mt. Kinka】Mt. Kinka is located about 1km southeast of the Oshika Peninsula. There is a legend that if you visit a shrine in the center of Mt. Kinka for three years in a row, you will not be inconvenienced by money.

Naruko Gorge】Naruko Gorge is a large canyon with a depth of about 100m. The magnificent landscape is a scenic spot in Miyagi prefecture. Nearby, you can enjoy the scenery while walking along the 2.2km promenade. The best time to see the autumn leaves is from late October to early November.
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