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Otaru Travel Guide 【Otaru Canal (Otaru Unga)】In Otaru City, there are many historical heritage, sightseeing spots and shops you can enjoy while exploring. On the walk course, there are famous cake shop and cafeteria where you can taste fresh seafood. We introduce Otaru's history, culture and walk course from the following link.
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Sapporo Travel Guide 【Sapporo Bier Garten/Sapporo Odori Park】Sapporo City, Hokkaido, is full of attractions. There is “Odori Park,” an oasis within a business district surrounded by some 4700 trees of 92 kinds, which announces the change of seasons with a variety of trees and events such as Sapporo Snow Festival. The city also offers “JR Tower Observatory T38,” a stylish observatory room, “Sapporo Bier Garten,” where you can savor fresh beer delivered straight from the factory, “Susukino,” the largest nightlife district in Hokkaido, “Jozankei Onsen,” a popular hot spring district with history and a beautiful canyon, and more.
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Hakodate Travel Guide 【Goryokaku Park/Yunokawa onsen】In the Bay Area, there are many shops and restaurants making use of red brick buildings. You can enjoy "a million dollar night view" from the summit of Mt. Hakodate. Goryokaku Park is a place of cherry blossom, and it is also a citizen's place of relaxation. There is a lot of hot spring inns where hot springs and cuisine can be enjoyed at Yunokawa onsen, and the Tsugaru Strait spreading in front of you is also spectacular.
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