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Tsuruga Castle】Tsuruga Castle is a symbol of Aizuwakamatsu City. The castle tower is a local museum where various historical materials of Aizu are exhibited. It is the best cherry blossom viewing spot in Aizu, and about 1,000 trees, mainly Yoshino cherry trees, bloom from mid-April to late April. From late October to early November, the autumn leaves are in full bloom and attract visitors. It is lit up at night.

Mt. Adatara】It is Mt. Adatara at an altitude of 1700m. The seasonal flowers, the clear blue sky, and the chirping of wild birds attract visitors. If you use the gondola, you will reach Mt. Yakushi (elevation 1350m) in 10 minutes. At Yakushidake Panorama Park, you can enjoy a magnificent view from the top of the mountain.

Ryokusuien Park】In Ryokusuien park(site area 30,000 tsubo), various flowers and trees such as cherry blossoms, moss phlox, azaleas, autumn leaves and ginkgo attract visitors throughout the four seasons. There are also attractions such as old zelkova trees (about 600 years old) and fossil tree trunks.
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