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Kameyama Dam]The area around Kameyama Dam is a resort area with plenty of hot springs and hiking trails. Many people visit to see fireworks in the summer and autumn leaves in the fall, making it a popular tourist area. Around the dam, you can enjoy boating, fishing, biking and hiking. There are also campsites and lakeside parks, making it a place where people from the city can come in contact with nature and enjoy themselves.

Yoro Valley]The Yoro Valley is located along the upper reaches of the Yoro River. The canyon has abundant nature. In the surrounding area, there are waterfalls and hot spring villages with the best scenery in Boso. It is a place where people from the city can come in contact with nature and enjoy it, such as camping, hiking, open-air baths, playing in the river, and fishing.

Sakuma Dam Park]About 2,000 various cherry trees are planted around Sakuma Dam Park. You can enjoy various kinds of cherry blossoms from mid-February to late April. The Sakura Festival will be held when the cherry blossoms bloom, but it may be canceled due to weather or other circumstances.
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