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Wataze Onsen/Tanabe City]In addition to the Wataze hot spring of good quality of spring, facilities such as bungalows and campgrounds are scattered, and it is a place where you can enjoy fishing and river playing in the wilderness surrounded by clear stream.

Yunomine Onsen/Tanabe City]Yunomine Onsen is known as the oldest hot spring in Japan. There is also a natural hot spring which is also registered as a World Heritage Site and said to change the color of hot water seven times depending on the day.

Oishi Highland/Aridagawa-cho]The Oishi Plateau, which is 870 meters above sea level, is colored with seasonal flowers, especially Japanese pampas grass in autumn. Many people visit from Kansai as a recreation area such as hiking and camping.

Doro-kyo Gorge Water Jet Boat] Doro-kyo Gorge is the Great Valley of the Kitayama River. You can enjoy the seasonal scenery such as fresh green in spring and autumn leaves in autumn. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery such as magnificent cliff.

Kongobu-ji Head Temple/Koya-cho]Mount Koya(高野山, Koyasan) is the center of Shingon Buddhism, a wonderful place where history, culture and nature are condensed.There are various wonderful sights in the wide precincts of Koyasan. Please visit the shrine surely.

Kumano-gawa River Traditional Boat Tour/Shingu City]You can experience the river boat descent that the royal family used long ago. and you can enjoy taking a trip on the Kumano River Boat for about 90 minutes.

Nachi Waterfall & Three-storied Pagoda/Nachikatsuura-cho]Nachi Waterfall is also called "Ichino Taki" and is one of Japan's three famous waterfalls. The falling appearance is majestic, and on New Year's Eve the light up is also done.
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