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Tokushima Tourist Information[Takegashima Marine Park/Iya Onsen(Hot Spring)]
Takegashima Marine Park]In Muroto-Anan Kaigan Quasi-National Park, the beauty of the coast and rich coral reefs are formed, and it is a typical scenic spot where many tropical fish live.

Whirlpools of Naruto]Whirlpools of Naruto, vortex diameter during the spring tide is up to reach the 30m, the size of the vortex is said to be the largest in the world,and you can see the magnificent scenery from the pleasure boat and both banks.

Mt.Bizan]Mt.Bizan is a symbol of Tokushima City, and the area around the summit is Bizan Park and a resting facility for viewing. When the weather is nice, you can see Awaji Island, Kii Peninsula, and Tokushima City. Cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in autumn attract visitors.

Iya Onsen(Hot Spring)]Iya Onsen, which is one of the three major secret hot springs in Japan, is located along the Iya Valley in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture. (Japan's Three Great Secret Hot Springs / Iya Onsen / Yachi Onsen in Aomori Prefecture / Niseko Yakushi Onsen in Hokkaido)

Tokushima Botanical Garden]Tokushima Botanical Garden consists of an Urban-Greening Botanical Garden, an entrance zone, a nature experience area, etc. Tokushima City General Flora and Fauna Park (58.9ha) is also composed of Tokushima Zoo and amusement park.
The sightseeing information Tokushima, please click here.
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