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Shizuoka tourist information[Lake Ippei/Lake Hamana]
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Shizuoka tourist information[Izu Peninsula Geopark]
【Izu Peninsula Geopark[Shizuoka]/Volcanic gift from the south】
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Shizuoka tourist information[SHUZENJI NIJINO SATO/Lake Hamana]
[Lake Ippeki]Lake Ippeki is a crater lake located about 6km south of Ito city and is the largest lake on the Izu Peninsula. 250 cherry trees are planted on the shore of the lake. In addition, fish such as carp are released and it is crowded with anglers during the season.

[Lake Hamana]Since Lake Hamana is a brackish water lake, there are many types of fish, and it is also famous as a farm for eels. You can enjoy leisure activities such as motor boats, yachts, swimming, clamming, and fishing. Both Bentenjima and Kanzan-ji hot springs are also popular.

[Usami Onsen]Usami Beach is a spacious, shallow long beach with a feeling of openness, and during the season, it is crowded with families and groups for swimming. Usami, with its many mandarin orange fields, is a peaceful hot spring resort located between Atami and Ito.

Kawazu Onsen-kyo]In Kawazu Town, you can enjoy many hot springs. You can also enjoy Kawazu cherry blossoms in the spring. Kawazu Onsen-kyo is a town full of nature surrounded by the sea, mountains and rivers. You can choose your favorite inn such as inns, pensions, guest houses, etc. according to your wishes such as location and purpose.

[SHUZENJI NIJINO SATO]Located in the northwest of Shuzenji Onsen, Shuzenji Niji no Sato is located in Shuzenji Natural Park, and is a leisure park with an area of about 500,000 square meters on the hills along the bus road leading to Mt. Daruma and Toda Pass. Beautiful flowers bloom every four seasons in the garden. You can also experience the powerful driving of the British-made Mini SL.
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