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Nagano Prefecture Travel Guide 【Japanese original scenery 日本の四季めぐり
Nagano tourist information[Kagamiike Pond/Zenkoji Temple/Norikura Plateau]
Kagamiike Pond]The magnificent scenery of the mountains of the Togakushi mountain range and the beauty of the lake surface of Kagamiike Pond attracts visitors. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery of each season, such as the fresh green of summer, the autumn leaves, and the snowy mountains of winter. There is a cafe and gallery on the shore of the lake where you can enjoy your meal while gazing at the spectacular scenery.

Zenkoji Temple]The main hall of Zenkoji is a masterpiece of Buddhist architecture in the middle of the Edo period, which is the largest in eastern Japan. It is a famous place in Nagano prefecture and is also famous as a power spot. There are many attractions such as souvenir shops and gourmet spots. In addition, there has been a monzen town around Zenkoji for a long time, and it is crowded with many tourists.

[Norikura Plateau] The Norikura Plateau (the area at the eastern foot of Mt. Norikura / altitude 1200m-1800m) is a plateau area where the world of beautiful forests (larch, birch) spreads. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the plateau in each season, such as virgin forests, ponds, marshes, and waterfalls of various sizes. In addition, there are many trekking courses from walking courses to mountain climbing courses, and beginners to advanced people can enjoy the scenery full of nature.

Kamikochi]Kamikochi is located in the western part of Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, and is designated as a national special scenic spot and a special natural monument. Kamikochi belongs to Chubusangaku National Park. The beautiful scenery that changes little by little with each season attracts climbers visiting Kamikochi.

Takamine Kogen]The Takamine Kogen, centered on the Kurumazaka Pass, is a plateau where you can enjoy easy trekking. You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, such as alpine plants (Japanese azaleas and rhododendrons) in the summer and autumn leaves in the fall. From the pass to the top of the mountain, you can get a panoramic view of Sakudaira, Mt. Fuji, Yatsugatake, and the Northern Alps depending on the weather.

There are ski resorts in Nagano with unique slopes such as Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort, Shigakogen Ski Resort, and Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park.At popular ski resorts in Nagano, there are ski resorts with beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, and there are many ski resorts that both skiers and snowboarders can safely recommend.
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