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Kyoto Tourist Information[Amanohashidate/Yuhigaura Onsen]
Full of the many fantastic features of Kyoto. From the incredible landscapes of Yuhigaura Beach and Amanohashidate(天橋立 - Bridge in Heaven), to the surrounding areas of the Hozugawa River with its beautifully changing views in accordance to the season, as well as the many hot springs with good quality including the Yuhigaura Onsen.

Ujibashi bridge]Ujibashi bridge is one of the three oldest bridges in Japan. Old tradition has it that the bridge was built in 646. When you get off Keihan Uji Station, you can see it first, and the wonderful scenery around Uji Bridge attracts visitors. The current bridge was rebuilt in 1996.

Hozu River descent]The Hozu River descent is a boat descent that goes down a mountain stream of about 16 km from Kameoka to Arashiyama in about 2 hours. Manipulate with a skilled boatman and slip through the rocks. The barking of birds echoing in the valley and the wild landscape attract visitors.

[Amanohashidate]"Amanohashidate" in Miyazu Bay, northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, along with "Matsushima" and "Miyajima".About 5,000 pine trees grow in a sandbar with a total length of about 3.6 km, and it was created by nature over thousands of years.At "Amanohashidate", you can enjoy swimming, walking, biking and boating.

[Yuhigaura Onsen]It is a hot spring in Yuhigaura, which is famous for the beauty of the setting sun. It is a hot spring that is popular with women because it is gentle on the skin. It is said to be effective for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, etc. It takes 5 minutes by car from "Yuhigaura-Kitsu Onsen" station on the Kyoto Tango Railway Miyatoyo Line.

Kozuyabashi Bridge]Kozuyabashi Bridge is a wooden bridge over the Kizu River that connects Kumiyama-cho and Yawata City. It is sometimes called the Nagarebashi Bridge or the Yawata Nagarebashi Bridge, or the Kizugawa Nagarebashi Bridge.
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