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Kumamoto Prefecture Travel Guide 【Japanese original scenery 日本の四季めぐり
Kumamoto tourist information[Fukuoka Tower/Railway memorial or Historic spots]
Kyusendo Limestone Cave/Kuma village]This limestone cave of about 4.8km is the largest limestone cave in Kyushu. Cave organisms with their own ecosystems inhabit.This cave is a work of art that nature has created over 300 million years.

Amakusa West Coast/Amakusa City]Amakusa West Coast region, from the fact that the beautiful sun set in the East China Sea is seen, has been known as a great sunset viewing spot. In Amakusa, beautiful eight locations of sunset is called the "Amakusa sunset Hakkei".

Jyusanbutsu Park/Amakusa City]In the Jyusanbutsu park, You can see beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. In addition, you can see the spectacular sunset from the Shiraturuhama beach. It is one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan.

Ushibuka Kaisaikan/Amakusa City]The restaurant serves fresh fish and shellfish caught in the nearby sea. In addition, there is also accommodation, and you can spend a traveler-friendly time at the high-quality hot springs.

Mt. Aso/Aso City]Mt. Aso is located in the center of Aso Kuju National Park in Kumamoto Prefecture, almost in the center of Kyushu. Mt. Aso (Mt. Aso has a magnificent outer edge and is one of the largest calderas in the world. It is a symbol of Kumamoto and attracts visitors.)

Okoshiki coast/Uto City]The Okoshiki coast facing the Ariake Sea is a very beautiful coast with 5km of tidal flats. At low tide, beautiful sand marks appear on the tidal flats.

Sea aquarium Sea doughnut/Kamiamakusa City]At the Sea Aquarium, there are some of the most popular programs where you can easily interact with dolphins. After touching the dolphins, you can enjoy various events such as jumping dolphins.
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