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Hyogo Tourist Information[Yashiro-no-Mori Park/Meriken Park]
[Meriken Park](Kobe (神戸市 K?be-shi), is the sixth-largest city in Japan and is the capital city of Hy?go Prefecture.)Meriken Park (メリケンパーク) is a waterfront park with a beautiful night view in Kobe's port area. The Port Tower and the Maritime Museum (a landmark of Kobe) are lit up at night. The shining night view is attractive.

[Takeda Castle]Takeda Castle Ruins, located on the summit of a mountain at an altitude of 353.7 meters, is a National Important Cultural Property(historic site). It was selected as one of the "100 Fine Castles of Japan" and is also called the Sky Castle because of its fantastic landscape.

[Awaji Hanasajiki]"Awaji Hanasajiki" was established in April 1998 by Hyogo Prefecture as a famous place for flowers. Beautiful flowers bloom in each season on the plateau at the top of the northern hills of Awaji Island (elevation 298-235m). (Area of flower field / approx. 15ha) From the plateau, you can freely stroll through the flower fields and enjoy the best time while overlooking Osaka Bay and the Akashi Strait.

[Yashiro-no-Mori Park]Yashiro-no-Mori Park, which is surrounded by beautiful thickets and is dotted with ponds, fields, and wetlands, is a "satoyama park" run by local volunteer staff. Enjoy a relaxing time at Yashiro-no-Mori Park, such as participating in various experience programs (mainly held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) and taking a walk in the park.

[Ayabeyama Bairin Plum Forest]Ayabeyama Bairin Plum Forest is located in the southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture, at the southernmost tip of Nishiharima. From there, you can see the coast of Shinmaikohama National Park, Shodoshima Island, Awaji Island, and Shikoku. Many ancient burial mounds can be seen in the park. Ayabeyama Plum Forest (24 hectares) is vast, and you can see a wonderful landscape below. The usual full bloom period is from late February to early March.
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