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Sankei-en Garden]Sankei-en is a garden commemorating the opening of Hiroshima Airport. You can enjoy seasonal flowers and trees such as plum blossoms in March, azaleas in May, hydrangea in June, and maple in November.

Hiroshima Castle]The inside of the castle tower of Hiroshima Castle is a history museum, and the culture and models of the castle town Hiroshima are exhibited. From the observatory, you can see Miyajima, the Atomic Bomb Dome, and the Green Arena.

Sandankyo Gorge]The Sandankyo Gorge is a large canyon with a total length of about 16 km from the entrance of the Sandankyo Gorge to the Lake Hijiri, and the most spectacular scenery is the five major landscapes such as the famous waterfall. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery during the autumn foliage season and the spring fresh green season.

Shukkeien Garden]Shukkeien Garden is a historic garden that has been passed down since the Edo period. Large and small islands float on the pond in the garden, and you can enjoy it while wandering around bridges, valleys, and tea rooms. It was built to imitate China's world-famous scenic spot "Lake Seiko".

Kure Maritime Museum]The Yamato Museum is a museum that introduces the science and technology of Kure, and there is also a large material exhibition room that displays valuable real materials such as a huge model that reproduces the battleship "Yamato" on a 1/10 scale and the Zero fighter. History and technology are exhibited.
The sightseeing information Hiroshima, please click here.
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