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Fukuoka Prefecture Travel Guide 【Japanese original scenery 日本の四季めぐり
Fukuoka tourist information[Fukuoka Tower/Railway memorial or Historic spots]
Fukuoka Tower]Fukuoka Tower is the best seaside Tower in Japan. In addition, the observation room 123m above the ground overlooks Fukuoka city and Hakata Bay, and the night view is also wonderful. There are various events (Valentine's Day, Tanabata, Christmas illuminations) depending on the season.

Mt. Tenpaizan]The mountain path of Mt. Tenpaizan is well maintained, and even beginners can easily climb to the top. Mountain trails are also called good luck trails. The view from the top of the mountain is wonderful and crowded with tourists. There is a rhododendron valley on the side of the mountain climbing entrance, and about 200 flowers will bloom in late April. For those who like hot springs, there are Futsukaichi hot springs and hot spring towns in the vicinity, so why not visit them?

Fukuoka's "food stalls(Yatai)"]Fukuoka's "food stalls(Yatai)" are also a culture that expresses the characteristics of Fukuoka. There are currently about 150 food stalls in Fukuoka, scattered throughout the city of Fukuoka. At the food stalls, you can eat oden, tempura, grilled foods, ramen, Japanese dumplings, etc., which are popular with citizens and tourists.

Kyushu Railway History Museum]The Kyushu Railway History Museum is a memorial hall where the history and culture of Kyushu Railway are concentrated. Various items such as trains, equipment, uniforms, etc. that were once active are exhibited. You can also experience driving a mini train, making it a popular area for railroad fans and tourists.

Fukuoka is a popular tourist destination famous for its magnificent nature and gourmet food.In addition to natural scenery such as Hiraodai Karst Plateau, Kanmon Straits, there are parks where you can enjoy the flowers and feel nature throughout the four seasons.In Fukuoka, you will find many sightseeing spots with beautiful flowers such as autumn leaves,fresh green,cherry blossoms, hydrangea,etc.In addition, we recommend you to enjoy artistic and cultural places such as industrial heritage facilities, railway memorial or historic spots.
A popular cycling route where you can enjoy both the beautiful scenery and the popular cafes in Fukuoka.
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